The cultural landscape

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Cultural landscapes are defined by the timeless record of human activity and experience in to the land. The plateaus of the region contain constructions and relics of the past that can allow the visitor to discover the history of the area. In Ano Pedina the luxurious private houses, public buildings and churches shows the wealth that people of Zagori brought back from a life time labor abroad.Threshing floors and stonehuts testify that these plateaus produced cereals in the past. Cisterns to collect water, wells and ponds for watering the animals refer to a place where the water was always scarce. Around the area of Ano Pedina, one of the most common species of vegetation is the prickly oak (Quercus coccifera), a characteristic species of landscapes with long human presence and the practice of goat grazing. South of the village, there are deciduous oak wood pastures and extensive seasonal wet meadows both endangered ecosystem types in the country. Simultaneously grazed natural meadows create an agricultural mosaic consisting of dry meadows, arable crops with cereals and legumes that create a unique combination of anthropogenic ecosystems shaped by a variety of land uses.



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