Conservation status

Prostasia 1 s 

Ano Pedina is located inside the National Park of Northern Pindos (2005), next to the core of the boundaries of the Vikos-Aoos National Park (1973). In 2010, the surrounding area was included in the Special Protection Areas for the conservation of avifauna and thus in the European network for the protection of nature NATURA 2000 (GR GR2130011: Central Zagori and Mount Mitsikeli).

The settlement is labeled as traditional according to Zagori Decree where there are remarkable examples of post-Byzantine art such as Evangelistria Monastery (1793), the Monastery of St. Paraskevi (1750) and the church of St. Dimitrios (1793 ).

Finally the church of the Holy Archangel in the neighboring plateau of Kato Pedina has been proposed as "Landscape of Outstanding Natural Beauty" (Code: AT3011018).


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