The Sacred Groves

Sacred forest 1 s 

In the area of Zagori, as in many Sacred Natural Sites of the world, ancient groves are preserved near the villages. villages These are preserved as by locally adapted conservation systems, managed by religious rules. The aim of their conservation was the natural protection of villages and agriculture land from natural disasters such as landslides, floods and avalanches. Moreover an other reason for their protection was to ensure the use of natural resources as a common good.

An example  is the sacred grove of St Paraskevi in Ano Pedina, part of whichwas spared by a mega fire in the summer 2000. Respectivelly in the nearby village of Kato Pedina exist the sacred groves of Anilia (literally  Non sunny) and Megala Pournaria (literally Big prickly oaks) that are dedicated to  St Nicolas and St Athanasios and are characterized by huge ancient prickly oaks and Montpellier maples.

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